Lothlorien Kalari Shawl

Finish one project, start two more. I am not getting ahead here.

But for the moment, I will celebrate a finished project. This is another case of buying the yarn and then trying to find a project that was suitable for it. This particular yarn comes from KnitCircus, and I picked it up at Vogue Knitting Live back in 2016. I loved the name (from The Lord of the Rings!), but I promise, I would’ve left it behind if I didn’t like the colors. But I had indulged in a 669-yard (612 m) cake instead of the 400+ yard (366+ m) skeins I usually get, and it took a while to find a pattern that could be used with that larger size. The colorway name was just a bonus.


It was a fun knit. Yes, a mite repetitive, but when you’re using a gradient yarn, you can always look forward to the color changing even when the knitting itself is getting a bit monotonous. It’s a fairly simple pattern, but it has just enough variation (one row of yarnovers with decreases and two rows with a different increase frequency) to keep me paying attention. Really, the pattern changed enough to hold my interest; it was just that the rows were pretty long at the end.

I’m really enjoying wearing this. It’s a chevron rather than an isosceles triangle, so I can wrap it around my neck without fabric piling up too deeply under my chin. And the larger-than-usual size (for me) makes it easier to tie it attractively.

That bit at the beginning of this post about starting two more projects? One of them is another Kalari shawl. I said I was enjoying it!


Lothlorien Kalari Shawl
Pattern: Kalari Shawl
Yarn: KnitCircus Trampoline
Colorway: Lothlorien
Needles: 5 (3.75 mm)

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