Horn of plenty

Yesterday was the autumnal equinox. Friends and I celebrated with a dinner, sort of like doing Thanksgiving early and locally before some of us scatter across the country to spend the holidays with family. I volunteered for dessert. (Given my love of baking, I usually volunteer for dessert. But yes, I could bring casseroles or bread and still get to play with the oven.)

I have a weakness for specialty bakeware. As I’ve never put much energy into learning how to decorate cakes, baking them in interesting shapes is my best shot at making them look different. Yes, yes, yes, the cake itself is the important part—but it doesn’t hurt to play once you’ve taken care of the essentials.

Maple cornucopia cake

So, okay, I can’t take credit for the cake pan. Nor can I take credit for the recipe, which was simply printed on the overwrap for the pan. (If the recipe was meant to be baked in this particular pan, why does it always overflow? Aargh!) But hey, I mixed it all together right, and managed to get it out of the pan in one piece. And by the way, cake mixes have led me to forget how long making a cake all the way from scratch can take. It’s not like I had to dice any of the ingredients, so I’m puzzled as to how it could take so long to measure out flour, sugars (brown and white), maple syrup, spices, etc.