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What I did not find after searching for my silver posts:

  • A supply of silver posts.

What I did find:

  • A supply of gold posts. File this under What was I thinking? since I almost never wear gold jewelry.
  • A supply of gold French hooks. (See above.)
  • A supply of surgical steel French hooks. Potentially useful for future projects, but not what I need at the moment.
  • A supply of 2″ thin head nickel pins. I could get lots of earrings out of these.
  • Miscellaneous beads left over from projects I barely remember.
  • A knitting noddy. I actually own one of these?
  • Three afghan hooks, sizes G, H, and I. Good timing: Tunisian crochet is becoming popular again.
  • A set of size 6 8″ Aero Bernat double-pointed needles.
  • A crochet hook so large that I think it might be size Q. I owned a size Q hook once, didn’t I? Not that the manufacturer marked it in any useful way.
  • Several counted cross stitch UFOs. [wince]
  • A length of a lovely blue plaid flannel. I bet I meant to make a shirt out of this.

And a pair of earrings I’d been planning to get rid of, with silver posts that could be cannibalized for another project. Like, say, amethyst earrings:

Amethyst earrings.

Amethyst earrings.


No yarn was knit in the production of these earrings

One of our local bead stores closed the branch closest to me earlier this year. I don’t bead much, but I had filled one of their loyalty cards, so I made a last trip to use it. Once I got my loot home, though, I put it away and promptly forgot about it. Oops. But over the past couple of weeks, I’ve wanted to wear the earrings I intended to make with some of the beads I bought, and I finally made time to work on them this morning.

fluorite earrings

Fluorite, fluorite, and more fluorite.

Simple beading continues to be a great instant gratification craft. There isn’t much I can knit in half an hour or so, much less knit three versions of it. Nor will these require washing or blocking afterwards, although since the findings are silver, I’ll have to polish them occasionally.

As the caption says, all three pairs are fluorite beads. It may not show well in the picture, but the leftmost pair are a lavender so pale that they may pass as colorless, the center pair are green with a purple stripe—like certain hand knit socks, they’re fraternal twins, not identical—and the pair on the right are a more-or-less uniform pale green.

I did bring home more beads than that, of course. For instance, there’s a pair of amethyst beads ready to become a pair of truly purple earrings once I remember where I stored my silver posts. (See, you can tell this isn’t my major hobby because I don’t know where something that basic is. Trust me, I know where my knitting supplies are. Most of them, anyway.) But I’m happy to wait until the mood strikes again to tackle those future projects—or until I find those posts.