Sororal twins

While those Canadian-Winter Hats I knit were to keep others warm, I got a little something out of them myself, namely the opportunity to play with several colors of Lamb’s Pride Bulky that I wouldn’t ordinarily have a use for. The problem was that making something in Prairie Goldenrod didn’t quench my desire for it; it just made it obvious that I’d miss the hat after I donated it. And then I finally thought of something I could make in Prairie Goldenrod that I could keep: an iPad sleeve. Yes, I have that folding magnetic cover that Apple sells, and it’s fine for what it can do. I don’t trust it to offer much impact protection to the front of the iPad, though, and it’s useless for the back. Not that a crocheted sleeve is going to offer all that much protection either, but I figured it would cushion the occasional strong bump.

Yellow iPad sleeve
The iPad sleeve in Prairie Goldenrod . . .

I decided to crochet the sleeve rather than knit it because I wanted a tight fit with minimum stretch. I think a felted knitted sleeve would have been fine too, but the washer in my apartment building has never inspired me to try felting anything. The sleeve is pretty simple: just single crochet worked in the round with a bit of increasing at the bottom. I ended with a round of slip stitching to give it a more finished look; it also helps the top edge resist stretching out. The whole thing has worked out better than I expected because with the iPad inside, the sleeve stretches slightly to accommodate it, and then the top edge contracts a bit, helping to hold it in.

Purple iPad sleeve
. . . and in Royal Purple Flutter

Having made one, it occurred to me that I could use Royal Purple Flutter to make another one for a friend. The minute I first saw Royal Purple Flutter on the shelves at my LYS a few years ago, I knew a friend of mine would love the color. However, I don’t think she’s much into wearing winter hats and the yarn didn’t seem suitable for anything she did wear. But hey, she had an iPad too, and surely it needed something to protect it? So I made another sleeve, in purple this time. And it was a good thing that I’d already made one in my favorite color, because Royal Purple Flutter is pretty darn cool too, and I was sorely tempted to keep it. 😀