2013 Knitting and Crochet Blog Week—Day 3: Infographic

[Another prompt edited for space. Find the original here.]

Day Three (Wednesday April 24th): Infographic
There are many ways of conveying information on a blog; text and images being the two most widely used. Many infographics combine both these elements to provide a visual way of presenting text information.

Make your own infographic (no fancy imaging software needed, you can draw it on paper and photograph it if you want) to convey any element of your craft(s). It can be just for fun or a thoroughly researched presentation of an idea/finding. 

The whole point of this topic is to experiment with infographics as a way of sharing facts, information and ideas, and to explore another tool in a blogger’s arsenal of communication options.

It’s time for a short exploration of where I’ve been and where I may be going, project-wise. Projects are my projects on Ravelry, including finished, WIPs, hibernating, and frogged. Key point: I committed to them enough to at least start them. They’re my past and present.

Queue refers to my Ravelry queue, of course. These are projects that I tell myself I’m likely to make (especially if I’ve bought the pattern), but I haven’t yet actually made that final commitment. Think of them as my possible future.


Wow. I didn’t realize I’d actually made enough socks that they counted as 4% of the total.


Note that I have come to my senses and socks aren’t in the queue at all. (No, they’re not buried in “Other.”)



I want to crochet more, but you’d never guess it from my queue, where crochet projects have dropped noticeably.